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EQ K9 Training is founded by Majed Miyalouei in 2021.

EQ K9 training has been formed on the basis of helping to provide dedicated dog owners and carers with the fundamental knowledge and understanding in order to have the best relationship with their beloved dogs. 

We believe that training is an investment and provide the necessary coaching for carers to support their K9 companions throughout growth and development into adult life. 

We offer a lifelong commitment to you and your dog's training requirements. 

We have gained our knowledge and expertise from years of working and training dogs in many different environments throughout the UK and worldwide. 

EQ K9 training offers dedicated and professional training services provided by highly skilled dog trainers, with a wealth of practical experience in their field.

We promote modern training techniques coupled with scientific research from institutions around the world in canine behaviours. 

The science of canine behaviours and research born out of empirical observations of the grey wolf in their natural wild habitat helps us to understand Canis Familiaris your domestic dog. The grey wolf’s direct descendant’s. 

At EQ K9 we fundamentally believe in the health and well-being of these incredible sentient beings. Who have intrigued and integrated into human existence for the last 10 - 15 thousand years. 

Studies have shown that juvenile dogs who receive structural training throughout their development mature into happier healthier dogs with larger brain capacity. 

We deal with behavioural issues which may develop or potentially arise. And are on hand to support you through these difficult times. 

Our promise to you is that you and your dog will receive dedicated professional services from our team.

We will be by your side throughout the development of your pup. And on hand to help with behavioural issues should they occur. 

Dedicated Knowledgeable Ethically minded canine professional’s