Basic Obedience Course

Obedience training allows you to communicate with your dog to build a relationship of trust and respect. We use commands to bring out the best in dogs. Far from being a barbaric tool, training bridges the gap between humans and canines, allowing you to be closer to your pet. Why is Basic Obedience important? • It keeps your dog active physically and mentally. • Dogs need stimulation to stay healthy and alert into old age, just like people. • It helps avoid temperament and behaviour problems. • Basic Obedience training establishes rules, boundaries and limitations, and with that, There’s no better way to keep dogs happy and under control. • It allows both parties to communicate with each other. • It’s impossible to have a relationship with someone you can’t talk to. Through training, your dog will come to understand your words and your personality and expectations. Once you and your dog can communicate and work together, you’ll have true companionship.

Cost: £80 per Session (£240 in Total)

What will your dog learn in this course?

• All necessary commands plus some tricks.

• Loose lead walking and recall.

• Rules.

• Boundaries.

• General manners.

• General behaviour.

• Socialisation.

And so on…

There are benefits for you as well, such as:

• How to control your dog!

• How to stop/prevent bad behaviours

• How to communicate with your dog

• How to understand your dog

• How to help your dog overcome problems

• How to work on specific issues

• How to be your own dog’s trainer You will also get free lifetime support and consultation, so anytime you need us, we are just a phone away!