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Learning in dogs!

Learning sometimes can be uncomfortable at times.

Learning means leaving the old story behind and become whole new version of ourselves because now we have more knowledge and that can be uncomfortable! Not only for human but also for dogs.

Not knowing what is going to happen next is uncomfortable. When a dog learns something new, gets used to a new tool, overcome fear and stress, they will express that they might feel very uncertain about it. We cannot sit down with them and talk them through the process and tell them that were only working through this in order for them to have a better and stressful life. We can only show them.

The important part is that we need to trust the process, know what the outcome is supposed to look like and stick with it. In these teaching moments it is so easy to give up the second we or our dogs are uncomfortable or unsure. What happens if we give up? We won’t learn. Our dog won’t learn. We all stay stuck in the old story of fear and uncertainty.

See what happens when we stick with the uncomfortable feelings and overcome it. We grow, our confidence grows, and we now know that we can do it. Same goes for our dogs. Sometimes we need to be uncomfortable in order to get better!!

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