Rehabilitation Course

If your dog needs more sessions your trainer will advise you.
Rehabilitation is care that can help a dog to get back, keep, or improve abilities that he/she needs for daily life. These abilities may be physical, mental, and/or cognitive (thinking and learning).
We will help you and your dog to go through all the behavioural issues.
Rehabilitation will be ongoing until it gets solved.
how long does it take for your dog to get over the issues? it depends on your dog's character/personality & how much effort you put down as a carer after rehab sessions & how old is your dog and a lot more.
please contact us for more advice and tips and to find out if you need rehabilitation sessions.

The minimum number of sessions required is 5 sessions.

if the problem is solved in less than 5 sessions, the remaining balance will be refunded.

The cost of each sessions is £95.