Stephen Ratcliffe
Dog Trainer & Behaviourist
A bit about me

Dogs have been a huge part of my life from a very early age. 
I have always felt a powerful connection with these amazing animals. 
As a child, I could be found with my head in some book relating to dogs or wolves. 
Anything and everything canine fascinated me. 
I realized early on that science has a big role to play in understanding how dogs think and function. 
For me, understanding psychology is the fundamental key to the conversation between two vastly different species. 
Canis Familiaris, our beloved dogs have embraced and embedded themselves into human existence for ten to fifteen thousand years. 
We’ve come a long way together. 
Dog training is a way of life for me. 
Helping humans to have the best relationships with their dogs is a privilege. 
That’s why I’m consistently striving to bring the highest quality training and service to our clients. 
With solid foundations from my professional life, and skill set which all lends well to being a k9 trainer. 
Formally a member of HM armed forces - Parachute Regiment. 
I have also worked in the private security sector as a security/protection dog handler. Working on various assignments throughout the UK. From HNWI UHNWI to high-profile sites and facilities. 
It is my aim to keep raising the standard of training and development. 
With a fundamentally holistic and ethical approach.

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