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Learning how to be present!

One of the best gifts you can give to yourself AND your dog is learning how to be present.

Dogs are pros at being present, we already know that. They don’t think about what happened in the past, they don’t worry about what may happen in the future. Sounds like a dream, right?

We can do it, too. It takes time, patience and discipline. The more we can be present, the more peaceful we will be. This will absolutely have an amazing effect on our relationship with our dog.

We will stop thinking about our rescue dog’s past because we look at the dog in front of us and focus on helping them in this moment.

We will enjoy walks with our dog again because instead of worrying about what could possibly happen if we see another dog, we will be present and handle situations as they occur.

We will become more intuitive with our dogs because we can now be aware of the subtle signs they give off before they have a big reaction. Which is sometimes we miss if our mind is on a whole other planet while we’re with our dog.

Not only does all of this help us become a better and less stressed version of ourselves, but we also help our dogs so much. They don’t understand why we’re so stressed all the time or why we give them mixed signals and do one thing today and completely different thing tomorrow. It all goes back to us not being present.

Learn focus on your breath. Learn to be still. Learn to be marvel at Mother Nature. When you notice you’re drifting off with your thoughts, simply acknowledge it and tell yourself “I’m thinking” and it will bring you back to the present.

What adjustments have you been making to become more present? Share it with EQ K9 community!

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