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3 Week Course

1-2-1 sessions

The best kickstart for your puppy.

Customised training programme specially designed for your new puppy.

Maximum age: 5 months.

1 session £70

3 sessions £195

5 sessions £300


3-5 Week Course

1-2-1 Sessions

With our obedience training, we will be helping you turn your good dog into a great one using a proven and customised training programme specially designed for your dog.

3 sessions £240

5 sessions £375

8 sessions £560


8 Hours Training in one day

Pick up: 7-9 am

Drop off: 3-5 pm

Helping with Socialisation and Generalisation

Improving obedience in a dynamic environment

Full day: £160

Half day: £120


3-5-8 week Course

Helping your dog to overcome it's fear and aggression.

knowing the aggression comes from the fear and lack of confidence, with customised training we will help you and your dog to over come the issues and have a happier life.

3 sessions £300

5 sessions £475

8 sessions £720

Beagle Dressed As Businessman Works At Desk On Computer.jpg

Virtual Training

1:1 online sessions

You have confidence you can train your dog but you need help to start or continue further 

then this is for you!

We will take you through step by step to develop your skills and improve your dog's obedience/behaviour


A large group of dogs Golden retrievers running in the summer through the green valley.jpg

Group Training

5 week course

Group of 10 dogs

Working on general issues, basic manners, recall, obedience...

Improve obedience in a dynamic environment.

Helping your dog to learn to focus on you *first*

Working on Socialisation and Generalisation


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