Puppy Course

What is puppy training important?

• Before getting any puppy we need to make sure that environments are ready for our new pup to join. We need to be careful of their emotional health and how to improve and practice. What to have ready and how to approach them, how to address issues, and how to play with them. Puppy training builds relationships and creates structure. Especially in their crucial time of life, when they need all the support and guidance. Before showing them any commands that are important for them to pass this stage safe and confident. The first 20 weeks of a dog’s life is the most important part, where we build our dog's character and show them how to interact, this stage is before basic obedience. This is why puppy training is the most important part of a dog’s life before basic obedience.

Cost: £65 per Session ( £195 in Total)

What do we work on at the puppy course?

• Nipping

• Playing

• Exploring

• Socialisation

• Trust

• Activities

• Crate training

• Feeding tips

• Introducing muzzle, collar, leash, and harness

• Toilet training

• And so on… You will also get free lifetime support and consultation, so anytime you need us, we are just a phone away!