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Our relationship with our dogs!

Your relationship with your dog should be both a work in progress and one of the greatest joys of your life.

Nothing in life is perfect neither will be your relationship with your dog. Let go of the thought that things have to be great 100% of the time. Or that you have to reach a certain level and then it has to stay like that all the time. We all have good days and bad days. That doesn’t mean that on the bad days we’re failing. It just means that we’re having a bad day.

You and your dog – just like any relationship we have – is and will be a work in progress. You get to know each other a little better every day. You make mistake. You have fin. You discover something new. You mess up. You have a breakthrough moment. You gain more knowledge. No matter what it was yesterday. What it is today, or what it will be tomorrow, embrace it, and find joy in it. Maybe all of these things happen in just one day, or one hour. That is not only okay. It is normal, and it is great way.

If you’re having a hard time with your dog because you feel like you’re not getting where you want to be, pause, and just look them in the eye. Dogs will always show you joy and gratitude. Keep that in mind next time you struggle.

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