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Positive/Negative reinforcement in training!

What is positive and negative reinforcement ?

Positive reinforcement :

Teaching the dog to follow our commands with treats ( food or toys or anything they like)

Say for example any time your dog notice another dog, first reaction is looking at the other dog in the alert position,

As owner you will get your dogs attention once the dog looked at you you reward your dog,

What is negative reinforcement :

Means you put pressure in your dog to do or learn something, it can be shock collars, pushing back of your dog down to go to sit position, basically we force the dog to do something and that pressure will be lifted once the dog does the work which we wanted,

In negative reinforcement you make the dog to do it by negative force, you may do it with leash or shock collars or anything else,

There is no physical punishment in dog training, when we say punishment , we mean you not accept and you act as you ignoring,

Example :

Your dog is Barking in the crate

Negative reinforcement in this case is, you ignore the dog and leave the place, dog will stop finally then you enter the place and let the dog out

In positive reinforcement, Anytime your dog is quiet he will get reward

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