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Why do we treat every dog as an individual during our training?

Dogs have different personalities:

Some are more happy go lucky, some are very sensitive. Some are very pushy, others are more fearful. Look at the dog in front of you.

Dogs learn at a different pace:

Depending on what they’re working through, it may take some dogs longer to open up and receptive to training than others. That’s okay!!

Not every dog needs the same tool:

It largely depends on the handler when it comes to which tools we suggest. The owner needs to be comfortable with it, and it needs to be compatible with the dog’s needs.

Some dogs need food during training, other don’t:

Food engages the nose; it is important to help a dog rely on their instincts again. Sometimes, food gets a dog too excited, or a very fearful dog won’t take food.

Different breeds have different needs to feel fulfilled:

A Malinois has different needs to feel fulfilled than a Chihuahua. All dogs benefit from exercise, structure and love but it really depends on the individual dog how much of each they need.

People have different lifestyle:

Yes, we want to look at how we can fulfil the dog first. And at the same time, we do our best to integrate the dog’s needs into the individual lifestyle or the family they live with.

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